quarian structure notes as requested. bigger image: here

like the others, these notes assume you know how to draw humans. don’t try to learn weird aliens before humans.

this is a simplistic breakdown of their body structure, and doesn’t cover suit appearances, or nude details. that is up to your own creativity. check the turnaround links for reference for suits.

leg justification: many people draw quarian legs the same as humans (plantigrade), while the models clearly show a bowed-back leg too extreme to not have a joint (see the second image). the shapes of their armored suits can make it hard to discern, so hopefully the bone demonstation helps clarify it. as further justification, in the citadel DLC, tali comments (with digitigrade turian garrus) confusedly how humans don’t tip over with their weird legs. jack calls her doglegs in reply. I don’t think this exchange would’ve been included if quarians had legs like humans.

useful turnarounds: tali, kal’reegar

another quarian reference I’ve made: here

turian structure here
geth structure here
krogan structure here

salarian structure is coming next!

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